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Avolta Product Warranty Terms & Conditions

Avolta Product Warranty Terms & Conditions
1. All Avolta products are supported with 1-3 years Warranty depends on each product. The “Warranty” here means warranty for spare parts or so called “Parts Warranty” or “Basic Warranty”.
2. Avolta warranty is only covering Singapore only.
3. Compressor Warranty covers the cost of compressor only due to manufacturing defects.
4. Heating Element Warranty covers the cost of Heating Element only due to manufacturing defects.
5. Motor Warranty covers the cost of Motor only due to manufacturing defects.
6. Full Coverage Warranty Protection covers the cost of labour charge, checking fee and transportation cost.
7. Transportation scope covers delivering the unit to and from the service center. Transportation cost is only applicable to on-site service or when delivery is taking place. It is not applicable for customer who brings the product to Avolta service center by him/herself for checking or reparation.
8. Checking scope covers diagnosing the error displaying from the product and improper installation/operation of the unit.
9. Labour scope covers the manpower cost of servicing/replacement of indicated specific spare parts.
10. When customer purchase an extended warranty , it will extend the Full Coverage Protection Warranty only, but the Compressor/Heating Element/ Motor warranty will remain unchange.
11. Extended warranty may only be purchased upon purchase of product.

Avolta Specific Warranty Terms:
1. “721 Warranty” means 7 years warranty for motor, 2 years warranty for parts, 1 year Full Coverage Protection Warranty. This is applicable to Avolta Washing Machine only.
2. “631 Warranty” means 6 years warranty for compressor, 3 years warranty for parts, 1 year Full Coverage Protection Warranty. This is applicable to Avolta Split Aircon only.
3. “116 Warranty” means 1 year warranty for parts, 1 year Full Coverage Protection Warranty, 6 years warranty for compressor/heating element. This is applicable to Avolta Portable Aircon and Water Heater only.
4. “166 Warranty” means 1 year warranty for parts, 6 Months Full Coverage Protection Warranty, 6 years warranty for compressor/heating element. This is applicable to Avolta Portable Aircon and Water Heater only. “166 Warranty” has been superseded by “116 Warranty” on 29 January 2021 and onwards.

Warranty does not cover:
1. Defect or failure due to accident, misused, act of god, tampering or abuse.
2. Defects or failure due to misused the item and caused the fault, improper/incorrect installation, installation to incorrect power supply voltage and usage not in accordance to the operating instructions.
3. Normal wears and tears, corrosion, rust, stains or scratches.
4. Plastic items, filters, strainers, driers, refrigerant, belts, cabinet, dust cover and and external parts such as control knobs, levers, electrical plugs and cable, shower head, rail, hose, panel and other detachable parts or accessories, but not limited to wifi dongle, remote control.
5. When Full Coverage Protection Warranty period is over, transportation cost of $45 and checking fee of $30 shall be payable for on-site service call, regardless of reparation is taking place or not.
6. When Full Coverage Protection Warranty period is over, a minimum labour charge of $80 and above shall be payable if reparation of product is taking place.
7. When Parts Warranty period is over, a minimum Spare Part cost of $30 and above is chargeable if replacement of parts is taking place. Compressor and Heating Element is not covered by Parts Warranty.
8. Regular maintenance servicing or cleaning.

Warranty shall becomes void under the following situation:
1. The serial number is removed, altered or defaced.
2. Any unauthorized repairs, alteration or modifications are carried out on the unit.
3. Regular maintenance servicing where necessary was not carried out.
4. The unit has been used for commercial purposes or which has been rented/leased or on loan to other users.
5. Any amendments and alterations to the warranty card.

Purchase receipt together with the warranty card must be produced upon request, and parts such as fuse in plugs, which require routine replacement are excluded from the warranty.
If there is difference between the online and print version of Product Warranty Terms & Conditions, the print version is deemed correct.

Last updated : 09/02/2021

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    Customer Reviews


    Customer Reviews

    Lukman Nurhakim 01/14/2021

    Aircon works great! Cooling even at 26°C

    Mr Ian 01/14/2021

    Wonderful service and price by team. Workers are friendly and helpful. They will explain to you the works and the functions. Great job!

    Webster Chua 01/14/2021

    Unit have serve my family & my guest very well with all those mode widely available. Especially the health mode available in every unit

    Rina 01/15/21

    Avolta aircon is highly recommended! Not only it is energy saving with 5-ticks but the air blowing is strong that it make our room cold faster than expected. Highly recommended for all types of housing. 🙂

    Romel Del Mundo 01/21/21

    Heater comes with free installation, which is a value added service and better price than other brand.

    Lawrence Boh 15/01/2021

    I like the digital temperature display which is trendy and the Eco Green function egich is unique

    Suriyantini 15/01/2021

    Received it in good condition, aircon didn't take up much space, it is small but powerful, overall I'm satisfied with this purchase.

    Foo Phui Kum 15/01/2021

    The portable aircon works well.. the price is reasonable... it is not too heavy, as you can put on the floow or place above (shown in the picture) to save space! 👍👍👍

    Yang Zi Ying 15/01/2021

    The Avolta water heater is easy to operate & you can control the water temperature precisely to ensure its just right for you. Good & efficient!

    Sheikh Oliar Rahaman 13/01/2021

    Looking very nice service good for me 👍