Portable Aircon Servicing (Trentios, Trends, Dayys, Avolta)


Our 8 points professional portable air-conditioner cleaning servicing price for~

1-time servicing: $80

Servicing steps:
1. Checking condition of the unit
2. Dismantling of the unit
3. Checking and cleaning of air filter
4. Checking and cleaning of blower wheel & cooling coil
5. Cleaning of external cover
6. Cleaning of the water tray
7. Test-run of air conditioner system for proper working condition
8. Exclude topping up of refrigerant

Transportation: $45 (Due to portable air-con is difficult to be cleaned on-site, so we need to pick-up your air-con and deliver back to our warehouse to dismantle and clean.) You can also send the air-con to our service center.

How it works if you don’t require transportation:
1. Air-con owner have to deliver the aircon to the service location as shown in address.
2. Once service is completed, we will call the owner to pick-up the air-con at the same address.



Benefits of having air-con serviced:

· Cooler & fresher air
· Remove mold
· Restore & improve aircon performance
· Ensure consistency of the air flow
· Increase energy efficiency
· Peace of mind