Avolta Inverter Aircon 12000 Btu System 1, SGTM3T, 3 Ticks Energy Saving (Free Installation within 25ft per fancoil)


~ Temperature Display

~ Follow-Me Function for Spot Cooling

~ On-Off Timer Auto-Restart

~ Dry Operation

~ Eco, Turbo & Sleep Modes

~ Smart Diagnostic System


Frequently Bought Together

Standard Bracket

Special Bracket

15 Amp Power Point (indoor use)

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20 Amp Power Isolator (outdoor use)

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Upgrade to 1/2 inch Copper Pipe Insulation (System 1)

Upgrade to 16mm Drainage Piping Size (System 1)

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Product Features:
Golden Hydrophilic Fin, LED Temperature Display
Left-right, Up-down Swing, Fan Speed, Timer
High Density Filter, Silver Ion and Cold Catalyst Filter
Fresh, Eco, Turbo & Sleep Modes
Follow Me, Self Clean
Smart Diagnostic System


Brand: Avolta ~ A Singapore Quality Class Brand ~
Product: Inverter Air Conditioner
Type: Wall Mounted System 1
Outdoor Model & Btu: SGTM3T/S1B12 (12000 Btu)
Indoor Model & Btu:  SGTM112/3T (12000 Btu)
Energy Rating: 3 Ticks (Good)

Cooling Capacity (kW): 3.38
Annual Energy Consumption (kWh): 1641
Annual Energy Cost ($): 443
Refrigerant: R410A/2.1kg Fluorinated greenhouse gasses covered by the Kyoto Protocol.

Top-up $60(per fan-coil) to Upgrade Copper Pipe Insulation

Upgrade to safe guard your home from water leakage problem causing by condensation of gas in the copper pipe.

From 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch


Top-up $60(per fan-coil) to Drainage Piping Diameter Size

Upgrade to safe guard your home from water leakage problem causing by clogging.

From 13mm to 16mm

Stainless-steel Bracket

If your house doesn’t have aircon ledge, an outdoor bracket is needed.

Don’t know what type of bracket fit your window?
Hint: Look at your neighbour’s aircon condenser to find out which type of bracket to use.

Still not sure? Take a photo and email to enquiries@trentios.com

Standard L Bracket

Special Bracket (Pre-order)




5 Years – Compressor Warranty
Compressor warranty covers the cost of compressor due to manufacturing defects.

1 Years – Parts Warranty
Parts warranty covers the cost of parts due to manufacturing defects.

1 Year – Full Coverage Warranty
Full coverage warranty covers the cost of labour, checking and transportation. Extendable up to 3 years from date of purchase.


Terms & Conditions:
1. Goods sold are not refundable
The payment is not refundable for change of mind/wrongly select. The payment can not be refunded after installation work has been carried out. If the product is on deliver/reject at doorstep, customer shall bear any cost which incurred, but not limit to transportation charge. Refund process might take longer if installment is involved.