Servicing Enquiry

System Air-Con Services
  • System Air-con Services includes: (wall mounted fan coil only)
  • Dismantling Of fan-coil cover.
  • Checking & cleaning of air filter.
  • Checking & cleaning of blower wheel & cooling coil.
  • Cleaning of fan coil drainage pipping.
  • Washing of external cover.
  • Cleaning of fan coil water tray.
  • Checking of compressor.
  • Test-run of air-con system for proper working condition.
  • All servicing include free transportation.
  • Exclude topping up of refrigerant.
General Servicing
  • (Prices for One-time service)
  • System 1: $48.00 per fan-coil
  • System 2: $45.00 per fan-coil
  • System 3: $40.00 per fan-coil
  • System 4: $40.00 per fan-coil
  • System 5: $40.00 per fan-coil
Servicing Package
  • (Prices for 3-time servicing per year)
  • System 1: $90.00 (Save $54)
  • System 2: $180.00 (Save $90)
  • System 3: $270.00 (Save $90)
  • System 4: $360.00 (Save $120)
  • System 5: $450.00 (Save $150)
Portable & Casement Air-Con Services
  • Portable & Casement Air-con Services includes:
  • Checking condition of the unit
  • Dismantling of the unit
  • Checking and cleaning of air filter
  • Checking and cleaning of blower wheel & cooling coil
  • Cleaning of external cover
  • Cleaning of the water tray
  • Test-run of air conditioner system for proper working condition
  • Exclude topping up of refrigerant
  • The general servicing package is not transferable.
  • The general servicing package is only applicable for 24,000 BTU Fan-coil and below.
General Servicing
  • (Prices for One-time service)
  • Servicing: $80.00
  • Transportation: $45.00
Servicing Package
  • (Prices for 3-time servicing per year)
  • Servicing: $240.00 (Save $135)
  • Transportation: FREE
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Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Lukman Nurhakim 01/14/2021

Aircon works great! Cooling even at 26°C

Mr Ian 01/14/2021

Wonderful service and price by team. Workers are friendly and helpful. They will explain to you the works and the functions. Great job!

Webster Chua 01/14/2021

Unit have serve my family & my guest very well with all those mode widely available. Especially the health mode available in every unit

Rina 01/15/21

Avolta aircon is highly recommended! Not only it is energy saving with 5-ticks but the air blowing is strong that it make our room cold faster than expected. Highly recommended for all types of housing. 🙂

Romel Del Mundo 01/21/21

Heater comes with free installation, which is a value added service and better price than other brand.

Lawrence Boh 15/01/2021

I like the digital temperature display which is trendy and the Eco Green function egich is unique

Suriyantini 15/01/2021

Received it in good condition, aircon didn't take up much space, it is small but powerful, overall I'm satisfied with this purchase.

Foo Phui Kum 15/01/2021

The portable aircon works well.. the price is reasonable... it is not too heavy, as you can put on the floow or place above (shown in the picture) to save space! 👍👍👍

Yang Zi Ying 15/01/2021

The Avolta water heater is easy to operate & you can control the water temperature precisely to ensure its just right for you. Good & efficient!

Sheikh Oliar Rahaman 13/01/2021

Looking very nice service good for me 👍