EXPIRED PROMO Get Unlimited NTUC Cash Vouchers

This programme is only open for existing customers and Real Estate Agents only. T&C applies.


For a referee, who successfully signed at least a 1 year contract with us, you will be entitled to an NTUC voucher.

i.e If your referee signed up for system 2 and 3’s servicing contract with us, you will be entitled 5 x $10 NTUC vouchers in total.

Special Price for this ACSR Campaign:
Annual Contract Price (3-time)
System 1 : S$90
System 2 : S$180
System 3 : S$270
System 4 : S$360
System 5 : S$450

Free 1 Time Gas Top up for 1 fan-coil (worth $120) ~ R410A & R22 only.

PWP Promotion:
50% Chemical Wash on any/all fan-coil (saving of $60/fan-coil)

*PWP Referee must sign up within 1 month from the form submission date.
I.e. If the form is submitted on 31st Oct 2021, the last day for referee to take up the PWP Promotion is 30 Nov 2021.

FAQ/Terms & Conditions:

How long will this programme last?
1 month: From 1st October 2021 – 31st October 2021
Who is qualified to be a referral?
This referral programme is applicable to either Trends Home’s existing customers who had a purchase/servicing record with us or Real Estate Agents. You will be asked to provide your phone number and/or CEA no. to verify your record with us. We will use your provided mobile number to validate if you have a purchase history of products that carrying these brand names – Avolta, Trentios, Dayys, Trends.
Who can I refer and who is not qualified?
You can refer your friends or relatives even they are having same residential address with yourself. Employee of the company and their immediate family members cannot be the referral.
What should I do in order to get the voucher?
You should encourage your referee to sign up a 1 year servicing contract within 30 days when you first register his/her name on our form. You will get the voucher if your referee subscribes at least 1 year servicing contract with us.
Kindly seek consent from your referee that you will be sharing his/her contact with us through a referral program.
Is there a limit of vouchers I can get?
There is no limit in the number of vouchers you can get. As long as the referee successfully signed up for a 1 year contract within 1 month from the form submission date, then you will be entitled to the vouchers.
How will I know when my referee sign up?
You will be notified by call within 10 calendar days once your referee successfully sign up for at least a 1 year servicing contract. Please check your SPAM section in case our email lands in that folder.
How can I collect the voucher?
In the referral form, we will ask for your mailing address to post the voucher(s) to you. Vouchers will be mailed to you within 14 calendar days after you have receive the email notification from us.
What if I am not using R410a and R22 refrigerant?
You will get a 1 Time Free Chemical Wash(1 fan-coil) instead of 1 Time Gas Top-Up(1 fan-coil) which has the same value.

When should I utilise the free gas top-up?

Customer should utilise the free gas top-up within the 3-time servicing contract or within 1 year from the first subscribe date (whichever is later) as the promotion is time

By when should I purchase the chemical wash at special price?

You are only be eligible for 50% off on chemical wash when you purchase it together with the servicing contract.

Can I collect the voucher by myself?
If you prefer to collect the voucher(s) by yourself, please notify us via WhatsApp +65 8366 0311. You can collect the voucher(s) from our office at No.1 Ubi View, Focus One #01-04, Singapore 408555.

What are the contact channels if I have enquiry?

You can drop us an email at cs@avolta.com.sg or call +65 6634 0311. Our operation hours are from Monday to Friday, 9.00am-6pm, Saturday 9.00am-12pm, exclude Sunday and Public Holidays.



Disclaimer Notice:

Trends Home Electrical reserves the rights to amend the Terms & Conditions or duration of the Referral Rewards Programme at any time without giving any prior notice to participants. However, for those who are affected, we will notify the changes via the submitted email to us.


Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Lukman Nurhakim 01/14/2021

Aircon works great! Cooling even at 26°C

Mr Ian 01/14/2021

Wonderful service and price by team. Workers are friendly and helpful. They will explain to you the works and the functions. Great job!

Webster Chua 01/14/2021

Unit have serve my family & my guest very well with all those mode widely available. Especially the health mode available in every unit

Rina 01/15/21

Avolta aircon is highly recommended! Not only it is energy saving with 5-ticks but the air blowing is strong that it make our room cold faster than expected. Highly recommended for all types of housing. 🙂

Romel Del Mundo 01/21/21

Heater comes with free installation, which is a value added service and better price than other brand.

Lawrence Boh 15/01/2021

I like the digital temperature display which is trendy and the Eco Green function egich is unique

Suriyantini 15/01/2021

Received it in good condition, aircon didn't take up much space, it is small but powerful, overall I'm satisfied with this purchase.

Foo Phui Kum 15/01/2021

The portable aircon works well.. the price is reasonable... it is not too heavy, as you can put on the floow or place above (shown in the picture) to save space! 👍👍👍

Yang Zi Ying 15/01/2021

The Avolta water heater is easy to operate & you can control the water temperature precisely to ensure its just right for you. Good & efficient!

Sheikh Oliar Rahaman 13/01/2021

Looking very nice service good for me 👍